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Covet Group / Porto

Covet Group is recognized as a group of proven experience in the design and luxury furniture fields.
Are you still interested? Here are the reasons why you should join our team:
We have more than a decade of experience in departments specialized in Communication, Public Relations, Design, Digital Marketing, Management, among others;
We bet on the personal and intellectual growth of our team, challenging them to outdo themselves;

Мы ищем:
Общительных и коммуникабельных людей
Талант к иностранным языкам.

Your main goal would be meeting and cooperating with people from the Russian market. Do you feel motivated? Your challenge would be:
Market prospection;
Contacting and managing potential clients, partners and press;
Cooperating in direct marketing and web marketing strategies;
Collaborating with various departments to establish and implement the best practices according to the Russian market;
Participating in international fairs and events.

90% работников построили долгосрочные отношения с компанией. Чего вы ждете? Отправьте ваш резюмэ на

До скорого!

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